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Laguna Sweethearts, 2003

Jack Schell - The SoundWeaver

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Laguna Sweethearts, 2003

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Jack Schell

© Copyright-Merkaba Publishing, Inc. (630188000525)
Record Label: Jack Schell - The SoundWeaver
Cover Art: Jack Schell & The Chief - John Kazanjian

Laguna Sweethearts is a light and fun compilation where each piece conjures a distinct image in one’s
mind. Together these pieces may suggest a lazy sunny and carefree Sunday afternoon drive down
the southern California coast with some very intriguing stops along the way... some quite tranquil and
unobtrusive while others may make one want to dance. Take this scenic trip from a jazzy lounge with
fresh fruit martinis to a Chinese restaurant with the green tea of the orient. Laguna Sweethearts will take
you away ... and with no security check at the airport!

This album is dedicated to Kathy and Phil Herbert, original Laguna Beach teen sweethearts, whose wedding
pic is on the cover. Per Phil, "We are now approaching 49 years of wedded bliss!" Cool cats then and now!

Keywords: electronic, lounge, online listening experience, smooth jazz, mood music, ambient,
soundscape, up beat, quirky, fun.


MARCO PASSARELLI, POP JUNKIE, - MARCH 17, 2004: “Through my review of Earl Slick’s release “Zig
Zag”, I have come across the music of Jack Schell, who is responsible for some of the excellent
keyboard work on that album. Jack is a multi-instrumentalist, composer and audio engineer who
brings all of his talents to the forefront on his third release “Laguna Sweethearts”. Each of its
thirteen tracks seems to make up a ‘musical photo album’ with each song capturing the different
moods and feelings of a particular time. I get the feeling of a tropical vacation as the music is cool,
breezy and endlessly relaxing – this could be the best chill-out, lounge music of the year. And yet with
his strong melodic sense, this is neither new age fodder nor background noise; just listen to the ultra
cool “Melody For Car 44”, the beautiful “Esoterick”, or the ethereal “Floating”; these three songs
alone cover more stylistic ground than most artists cover in their entire career! Positively

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