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Library One, 2005

Jack Schell - The SoundWeaver

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Library One, 2005

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Jack Schell

© Copyright-Merkaba Publishing, INC. (630188000624)
Record Label: Jack Schell - The SoundWeaver
Cover Art: Jack Schell & The Chief - John Kazanjian

Jack’s fourth release Library One is a traveling metro-sexual’s delight. These percolating iridescent
instrumentals are as at home in London as they are in a Palm Springs lounge.

Put this music on at the airport and before you know it you’ll be transported on wonderful journeys
holodeck style. From the train rhythms of the “Tube to Richmond” to the floating introspective slideshow
of “Scorebed 2” there is not a stop you will not enjoy.

Keywords: electronic, lounge, online, listening, experience, smooth, jazz, mood music, ambient, sound scapes, keyboards


ALAN SPIRO: Great background music. This CD denotes energy and purpose. The rhythmic
essence of the differing tracks maintains interest, and creates anticipation for what may be
coming next. There is a cosmic bent to the overall theme of this CD that allows for escape into a
subconscious realm where introspection and mystery intersect. A terrific listen for sure. Keep them
coming Jack!

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