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Air Taxi, 2009

Jack Schell - The SoundWeaver

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Air Taxi, 2009

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Released: May 2009
© Copyright - Jack Schell
Record Label: Jack Schell - The SoundWeaver
Album Cover Art: Jayel Draco and Tristan Algeria Viridis

Once again, Jack Schell - The SoundWeaver takes you on another trip with his release of Air Taxi. Step
aboard the Air Taxi and travel like never before! The SoundWeaver airship takes you inter-dimensionally
from Urban City to Desert Canyon with a variety of electrifying stops in between.

Climb Aboard … Enjoy the trip!

Keywords: electronic, lounge, smooth jazz, mood, ambient, down tempo,

“The New America”
Lyrics and Vocals by Jack Schell © 2007

Some Say Lets do War
I’ll have my people kill your people, ok?
And Then… I don’t know and then
We’ll win

Let’s Do War
I’ll Have My People Kill Your People
It’ll be fun for all
Gas for me
To make my alcohol

But in our new America
In our new world we make today
We can vote no online
We can say
Ya know
Have a war with yourself
But leave us out of it

If killing is wrong
Why is it right to kill a whole bunch of people
I don’t want to die
You probably don’t wanta die
Maybe we can work something out
All get along ya know
Hey we didn’t have a war today did we?
Let’s do that again tomorrow
And deal with our problems one at a time
One on one kinda thing
Check it out

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