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What They Say About Jack Schell

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Original Music and Sound for Film, Theater, Television & Gaming



Earl Slick, Producer, Director and Lead Guitar  for John Lennon, David Bowie - June 17, 2010:  “Jack Schell has worked for me for over 10 years as a writer, keyboardist and recording engineer. He has assisted me on hundreds of musical tracks used for television. Jack has a unique talent for writing music for industrial films, where he puts the right music to film for the right match, I will continue to use his talent and highly recommend him.”

Mike Garson, Composer, Arranger and Keyboardist for David Bowie - August 25, 2004: “Hi Jack, Finally got to listen to your CDs. Very nice feel and very sincere and honest. You have a style and it’s just a matter of continuing and doing it as much as possible. Technique can be improved just by practicing but most of the time it didn’t get in the way of my listening enjoyment. Thanks for sharing it with me. Best Mike.”

John Mayall - The Bluesbreakers, 1997: “I can see tracks #5 ‘John's Goin On’ and #8 ‘Song to Last Forever’ on Ageless Music being used for movie or TV soundtracks. I enjoyed the music, keep playing!

Tristan Algeria Viridis, Animator - October 25, 2010: “I've worked with Jack on several animation projects. Never once did he fail to impress me with his music composition and sound. He has a keen ability to compose music that not only perfectly fits the intent and feel of the project but also takes your ideas and improves upon them greatly. Jack Lays down the Funky, the Chill, the Crazy, the Deep, the Rockin’, the Awesome and the Beautiful tracks. I can't tell you how great his music is for my creative drive. Everything he creates is perfectly personal. Like your own soundtrack to life, his songs creep in and boost your mood from ‘Yeah, I'm here’ to ‘Uber-mode’.”

Marco Passarelli, Pop Junkie, - March 17, 2004:  “Through my review of Earl Slick’s release 'Zig Zag', I have come across the music of Jack Schell, who is responsible for some of the excellent keyboard work on that album.  Jack is a multi-instrumentalist, composer and audio engineer who brings all of his talents to the forefront on his third release 'Laguna Sweethearts'. Each of its thirteen tracks seems to make up a ‘musical photo album’ with each song capturing the different moods and feelings of a particular time. I get the feeling of a tropical vacation as the music is cool, breezy and endlessly relaxing – this could be the best chill-out, lounge music of the year. And yet with his strong melodic sense, this is neither new age fodder nor background noise; just listen to the ultra cool 'Melody For Car 44, the beautiful “Esoterick”, or the ethereal “Floating”; these three songs alone cover more stylistic ground than most artists cover in their entire career!  Positively essential."

Ron Iverson and Dan Kenward, Series Producers - April 04, 2009:  “Your music is practically another star of our show, The Nancy Boys. At least that's the way we think of it. You have so much talent and variety we cannot thank you enough for letting us feature "you" on each episode of our show.

Erin Kanoa, Director - November 9, 2007: “I really like the work you have done on the Child Abuse Fundraiser film for the Brigid Collins Foundation. Your original music and scoring developed into nice flow and makes sense. Jack, thank you for really working with me on getting the feeling just right for this film.”

Len Rogers, Founder The StoneWall Society Internet/Radio - October 12, 2008. “Jack Schell has an almost magical way of bringing emotion and tenderness to life in his music. ‘The Gay Wedding Song’, a prime example, has more than the stately command of a wedding song; you cannot help but feel the music, which makes this song such a masterpiece. Bravo!”

Rob Schlegel - Las Vegas Bugle March 1998: “Jack plays a blend of music ranging from acoustic contemporary to new age to jazz, but like the title of his CD his music is ‘truly ageless’”.

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