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Jack Schell - The SoundWeaver

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Original Music and Sound for Film, Theater, Television & Gaming

Audio CDs

Vespa To The Sea, 2010

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Released: May 2010
© Copyright - Jack Schell
Label: Jack Schell - The SoundWeaver
Cover Art: William Landers

Vespa To The Sea from Jack Schell - The SoundWeaver is simply put, a chill sound scape album. Think water, think
coastlines, fresh air and the gentle vespa-like breezes wafting through your hair.

The vespa breezes await to whiz you off to some very exotic stops along the coasts, oceans, lakes and
streams of your future memories.

Keywords: smooth  jazz, mood, ambient, down tempo, electronic,lounge

Air Taxi, 2009

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Released: May 2009
© Copyright - Jack Schell
Record Label: Jack Schell - The SoundWeaver
Album Cover Art: Jayel Draco and Tristan Algeria Viridis

Once again, Jack Schell - The SoundWeaver takes you on another trip with his release of Air Taxi. Step
aboard the Air Taxi and travel like never before! The SoundWeaver airship takes you inter-dimensionally
from Urban City to Desert Canyon with a variety of electrifying stops in between.

Climb Aboard … Enjoy the trip!

Keywords: electronic, lounge, smooth jazz, mood, ambient, down tempo,

“The New America”
Lyrics and Vocals by Jack Schell © 2007

Some Say Lets do War
I’ll have my people kill your people, ok?
And Then… I don’t know and then
We’ll win

Let’s Do War
I’ll Have My People Kill Your People
It’ll be fun for all
Gas for me
To make my alcohol

But in our new America
In our new world we make today
We can vote no online
We can say
Ya know
Have a war with yourself
But leave us out of it

If killing is wrong
Why is it right to kill a whole bunch of people
I don’t want to die
You probably don’t wanta die
Maybe we can work something out
All get along ya know
Hey we didn’t have a war today did we?
Let’s do that again tomorrow
And deal with our problems one at a time
One on one kinda thing
Check it out

The Gay Wedding Song / Happy Anniversary Baby, 2008

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Released: July 2008
© Copyright - Jack Schell
Label: Jack Schell - The SoundWeaver
Cover Art: William Landers

In support of California's landmark decision for marriage equality for same sex couples in July 2008, Jack
Schell - The SoundWeaver re-released his “The Wedding Song”, Ageless Music 1996, as the “The
Gay Wedding Song”. Jack enlisted the help of Northwest artist/rock photographer William Landers to
create classic cover art for this momentous event.

Jack says about the solo piano song he wrote last century, “I was overjoyed when California decided
to stand up for marriage equality. Finally my “The Wedding Song” that had graced many traditional
weddings, including my mother’s, would have the same chance to spread love at gay weddings in a state
I hold dear to my heart. I look forward to the day all of America is free and equal for those in love to marry
and be counted as equals.”

Jack wrote “Happy Anniversary Baby” for his life partner of 29 years, John - The Chief.

Keywords: gay, wedding, anniversary, song, LGBT, marriage, equality, piano


HENRY CATANACCI: A Memorable Song for Us ***** Talented Composer Jack Schell gives gay couples
a beautiful romantic piano solo to remember their wedding day. In its own soft lyrical way, it is a song with
a powerful statement, reminding everyone that this is all about love. Well done.

KIMMI, SOUPYGATO SHOW/CD REVIEWS: “With the recent legalization of gay marriage in California,
the timing is perfect for the release of Jack Schell's "Gay Wedding Song". The beauty in his music
reflects the beauty of America's growing acceptance of love, no matter the gender.”

REV. DANIEL J HARRIS, HOST OF THE SOUPYGATO SHOW: "Simply beautiful.... I was honored to have this
wonderful piece of music a part of the recent ceremony I performed."

MRS. CHRIS CHAPMAN: "I was given the privilege to use The Wedding Song for my wedding. Gay or
straight, this was the perfect selection. This song allowed for perfect timing as each of my attendants
came down the isle. Every time I hear this song it brings back wonderful memories, as I know it will
for years to come." Thanks again and Best Wishes, Jack.

JOHN K, THE CHIEF: Happy Anniversary Baby” is such a touching song, I am happy to share it with
others. Enjoy!

Library One, 2005

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Jack Schell

© Copyright-Merkaba Publishing, INC. (630188000624)
Record Label: Jack Schell - The SoundWeaver
Cover Art: Jack Schell & The Chief - John Kazanjian

Jack’s fourth release Library One is a traveling metro-sexual’s delight. These percolating iridescent
instrumentals are as at home in London as they are in a Palm Springs lounge.

Put this music on at the airport and before you know it you’ll be transported on wonderful journeys
holodeck style. From the train rhythms of the “Tube to Richmond” to the floating introspective slideshow
of “Scorebed 2” there is not a stop you will not enjoy.

Keywords: electronic, lounge, online, listening, experience, smooth, jazz, mood music, ambient, sound scapes, keyboards


ALAN SPIRO: Great background music. This CD denotes energy and purpose. The rhythmic
essence of the differing tracks maintains interest, and creates anticipation for what may be
coming next. There is a cosmic bent to the overall theme of this CD that allows for escape into a
subconscious realm where introspection and mystery intersect. A terrific listen for sure. Keep them
coming Jack!

Snottsdale Serenade

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Jack Schell
© Copyright-Merkaba Publishing, Inc. (630188000723)
Record Label: Merkaba Publishing, Inc.
Cover Art: Jack Schell & The Chief - John Kazanjian

While holed up in the The Vaquero Palace in Scottsdale, Arizona for almost a year, the desert winds
and swaying palms fueled Jack’s moods to produce a variety of fresh new tracks on Jack Schell’s latest
release, Snottsdale Serenade.

From the glammy pianos of the vegetarian “Mobymelt” to the multi-perspectives that flow from “The
Waves of Life”, Jack Schell - The SoundWeaver has produced another smooth varying trip of sights and
sounds. The album starts of with “Funky House”, a vibrant dance mix. “Yes We Can” will get you nicely
motivated, while “Cool Breeze” is a perfect end of your day.

Turn it on and tune in to a great end of the day relaxer NOW!

Keywords: electronic, up tempo, lounge, online listening experience, smooth, jazz, mood, music, ambient, sound scapes



TONY, PLANETLIGHTWORKER.COM: “The CD starts out with a Cosmic little number called "Funky
House". This song goes from space age to dancey - I dig it! Track two "Bearman Hoedown" is
playful fun instrumental little number. Track three "Mobymelt" is upbeat, creative and fun. It makes
me want to dance! Track four "The Waves Of Life" is my favorite track on this release - mystical
meets New Wave. I keep playing this track over and over! Track five is called "Downbeat Jacko"
very ravey and high spirited little number! Track six, "Yes We Can", is a free flowing carefree
instrumental that flows like a river stream. Track seven "Electrocok" is a smooth, easygoing trance
inspired track. The eighth and last track "Cool Breeze" has beautiful keyboards. I would say this is
the most tranquil and soothing song on this disc. What can I say? Jack Schell is a great talent. His
creativity shines on this release. I truly enjoyed listening to this CD and I think you will too! Give it a

Zig Zag - 1735

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Released: October 2003
© Copyright - Earl Slick
Label: Sanctuary Records
Produced and Mixed by: Mark Plati
Pre-Production: Jack Schell / 1735 Merkaba Studios
"1735" Co-written by Earl Slick and Jack Schell.
Jack Schell has Keyboard credits on "Dancing with Eleanor"; "Believe (Robert Smith/The Cure vocals; "St. Mark's Place (Martha Davis/The Motels vocals); and, "The Cat".

Produced by Mark Plati (Bowie, Duncan Sheik, Natalie Imbruglia), the highly anticipated Zig Zag was Slick’s first album of new material in 12 years and features four instrumentals and a half-dozen tracks co-written by guest stars such as David Bowie, Robert Smith of The Cure, Martha Davis of The Motels, Spacehog’s Royston Langdon and Def Leppard’s Joe Elliott. “The idea to do a record came to me in 2000,” says Slick. “After years of constant work, I took a much-needed break and spent some time hiding
out in the High Sierras."

"But then I did some dates with David and felt inspired and started to write again,which I hadn’t done in a long time. I called Mark Plati, who I knew from David’s band and admire greatly, and asked if he’d be interested in making a record with me. That led to a conversation with Bowie, who graciously offered to sing a track. That started the ball rolling with other vocalists, which was a nice surprise, considering I originally planned for it to be an all-instrumental album.”

The variety of voices woven throughout Zig Zag lends depth and resonance to Slick’s searing guitar work, be it Royston Langdon floating an airy melody over the meaty rhythm of title track “Zig Zag” or Martha Davis painting a trippy picture of New York City’s east village on the spiraling “St. Mark’s Place.” 

"Main Cure man Robert Smith adds a cool melodic breeze to lead single “Believe,” while Joe Elliott amplifies the dark and dangerous “Psycho Twang.” “Each vocalist wrote his or her own melodies and lyrics,” says Slick. “Some of them got really rough demos from me and still managed to come up with amazing ideas. They really helped make this a unique record.”

Blistering instrumentals such as “Pike St.” and the beautifully melodic “Dancing With Eleanor” prove Slick’s as potent a player as ever, one that can generate heat whether laying down quiet, intimate melody lines or delivering a devastating flurry of raw, rabid leads. He shines on “The Cat,” a dark and slinky track he describes as a “f*#cked-up spaghetti western-sounding song.”

“I wrote it at the house of my buddy Jack Schell, who engineered all the early demos,” he says. “I was inspired after seeing this little black cat that kept walking past the room I was in. One day I asked Jack about it and he gave me a weird look and said, ‘I don’t know what you’re talking about. I don’t have a cat.’ Of course, that freaked me out because I didn’t just see it once, I saw it several times—I know I did.That really spooked the sh*t out of both of us,” he laughs. “Of course, no one’s seen the cat since.”

Keywords: "Earl Slick", “Zig Zag”, "1735”, "Dancing with Eleanor", "Believe”, "St. Mark's Place”, "The Cat"

Laguna Sweethearts, 2003

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Jack Schell

© Copyright-Merkaba Publishing, Inc. (630188000525)
Record Label: Jack Schell - The SoundWeaver
Cover Art: Jack Schell & The Chief - John Kazanjian

Laguna Sweethearts is a light and fun compilation where each piece conjures a distinct image in one’s
mind. Together these pieces may suggest a lazy sunny and carefree Sunday afternoon drive down
the southern California coast with some very intriguing stops along the way... some quite tranquil and
unobtrusive while others may make one want to dance. Take this scenic trip from a jazzy lounge with
fresh fruit martinis to a Chinese restaurant with the green tea of the orient. Laguna Sweethearts will take
you away ... and with no security check at the airport!

This album is dedicated to Kathy and Phil Herbert, original Laguna Beach teen sweethearts, whose wedding
pic is on the cover. Per Phil, "We are now approaching 49 years of wedded bliss!" Cool cats then and now!

Keywords: electronic, lounge, online listening experience, smooth jazz, mood music, ambient,
soundscape, up beat, quirky, fun.


MARCO PASSARELLI, POP JUNKIE, - MARCH 17, 2004: “Through my review of Earl Slick’s release “Zig
Zag”, I have come across the music of Jack Schell, who is responsible for some of the excellent
keyboard work on that album. Jack is a multi-instrumentalist, composer and audio engineer who
brings all of his talents to the forefront on his third release “Laguna Sweethearts”. Each of its
thirteen tracks seems to make up a ‘musical photo album’ with each song capturing the different
moods and feelings of a particular time. I get the feeling of a tropical vacation as the music is cool,
breezy and endlessly relaxing – this could be the best chill-out, lounge music of the year. And yet with
his strong melodic sense, this is neither new age fodder nor background noise; just listen to the ultra
cool “Melody For Car 44”, the beautiful “Esoterick”, or the ethereal “Floating”; these three songs
alone cover more stylistic ground than most artists cover in their entire career! Positively

Blue Aura, 2000

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Jack Schell
© Copyright-Merkaba Publishing, Inc. (630188000228)
Record Label: Merkaba Publishing, Inc.
Cover Art: Jack Schell & The Chief - John Kazanjian

Jack Schell brings us Blue Aura from 8,000 feet on top of Heavenly Valley in Lake Tahoe.
These songs were written with self healing and balancing in mind. "I was trying out some of the new age
tools I learned in San Diego and applied them to music," says Jack.

Some songs invoke the relaxing effects of vast space while others are a reminder to breathe! From
“Tahoe Drums” where the ancient native winds blew rhythms carrying energy and knowledge that had
flowed there for centuries, to the vast spaces conjured in the title track “Blue Aura” and “Room To Fly”,
a meditation favorite, this music takes you on an armchair space vacation. “Sanctuary” is a song for a
friend who wanted to be taken "diving" when she closed her eyes and listened.

So put on Blue Aura and take some time to travel and rejuvenate, and breath!

Keywords: electronic, healing music, meditation music, lounge, online listening experience, mood music, ambient, soundscape



DIANE M. ZIELINSKI, 2007: I am a big fan of Jack Schell and if you take a listen to this CD you will see
why! From the pulsing of the drums in "Tahoe Drums" to the intriguing mysteriousness of "Go" to the
incredibly soothing strains of "Brain 2" this CD is relaxing to just sit and listen to and also makes a
very nice meditation CD. This truly is musical art!! Thank you Jack! I'm a fan for life.

Ageless Music 1996

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Jack Schell
© Copyright-Merkaba Publishing, Inc. (630188000129)
Cover Art: Jack Schell & The Chief - John Kazanjian

This collection of eighteen songs represents a wide range of textures and moods. They are all truly
ageless and easy for repeat listening. Sixteen are original compositions written by Jack Schell. He added
a special touch to his arrangements of Carlos Santana's “All the Love in the Universe” and Marvin
Gaye's “Let's Get It On”.

Many people that have heard and enjoyed Jack Schell's Ageless Music comment that this collection
provokes a different range of emotions with each listen. And they all agree, Jack composes and performs
very moving, very relaxing and very grounding music.

From the slow 50's style rock and roll of “Billy the Biker” to the dramatic Spanish countryside influence
of “Elena Maria”, every listener is sure to discover a number of favorites. Perhaps yours will be “Jack's
Jazz”, a Joan Miro inspired piece in which Jack plays the melody and then morphs it with syncopated
rhythms. Perhaps it will be “Israfel”, a song Jack channeled directly onto the master during the recording
session as a gift from the angelic hierarchy orchestra. Or, perhaps it will be “Windex for Wesley”, a song
written to reflect the uninhibited and freewheeling gay mores of the late 70s and early 80s.

Keywords: solo piano, smooth jazz, mood music, ambient sound scapes, healing, new age, lounge


JOHN MAYALL - THE BLUESBREAKERS, 1997: “I can see tracks #5 ‘John's Goin On’ and #8 ‘Song to
Last Forever’ being used for movie or TV soundtracks. I enjoyed the music, keep playing!

PATRICIA BURKE-BEYOND MIND HEALING CENTER, 1998: “I found your piano pieces to be quite lovely. A
nice mix of emotion and deep stillness.”

ROB SCHLEGEL - LAS VEGAS BUGLE MARCH 1998: “Jack plays a blend of music ranging from acoustic
contemporary to new age to jazz, but like the title of his CD his music is ‘truly ageless’”.

DIANE M. ZIELINSKI, 2007: “Truly a "Calgon take me away" moment. This truly is Ageless Music! I have
to say I love every song on this CD. There's no better way to relax than to put this CD on, light a
candle and have a cup of hot tea. Feel the stresses of the day just melt away. My hat is off to you
Mr. Schell!!!”

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