Happy Birthday Jack Schell

Happy Birthday Jacko!

Today, August 13th, 2019 is Jack Schell’s 2nd birthday since his ascension. Born in 1959, he would be 60 years young today. Now he’s resting in power and working from a higher plane. We’re celebrating his 60th birthday with him by launching a Kickstarter campaign that will release as-of-yet unheard Soundweaver music into the world.

Children of Gaia: Great Nations SoundtrackDuring his last couple of years on this side of the veil, Jack spent countless hours poring over the works of Oneshi Press’s Children of Gaia (COG) for his collaboration with COG’s co-creator Jayel Draco. The culmination of this auspicious collaboration has resulted in his last works: Jack Schell’s Children of Gaia: Great Nations Soundtrack, written as a musical accompaniment for the book Children of Gaia: The Great Nations of Rendaraia. With an in-depth understanding of the rich fantasy cultures that the book memorializes, Jack has written enchanting anthems for each of the 6 Great Nations, and scored the events leading up to and following their downfall. The album is completed with John Kazanjian’s reading of the introduction chapter of the book, which is told from the perspective of fictional character Jan’Ka’Zian.

Jack Schell: Ageless MusicPublished by Oneshi Press and sponsored by the Jack L. Schell foundation, the first 4 tracks of the album are scheduled to be released as part of the Kickstarter for Children of Gaia: War & Horses, a weird western tale about a gunslinger set in the Children of Gaia fantasy universe. At major funding milestones (25%, 50%, 75%, and 100% funded), Oneshi Press will release a new, unreleased track from Schell’s Children of Gaia: Great Nations Soundtrack…to Kickstarter backers only! Supporters can experience Children of Gaia books, comics, and more the way they’re meant to be enjoyed: with musical accompaniment from the Soundweaver! Another of Schell’s albums, Ageless Music, will be available as a reward to select backer tiers, and as an add-on item after the Kickstarter has ended.

We can’t think of a better way to say, “I love you, thank you, and happy birthday” to Jack than by getting more of his music out into the world within the context he meant it for.

The Campaign will launch as soon as kickstarter gives the go ahead, in the meantime you can follow the project to get notified when it goes live: Click HERE to check out the Kickstarter campaign, and give it a follow.

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