Jack Schell’s “Ageless Music”

Jack’s Catalog also includes Ageless Music (1996) “A Solo Piano Orchestra!” www.cdbaby.com/schell This collection of eighteen songs represent a wide range of textures and moods. They are all truly ageless and easy for repeat listening. Sixteen are original compositions written by Jack. He added a special touch to his arrangements of Carlos Santana’s All the Love in the Universe and Marvin Gaye’s Let’s Get It On.

From the slow 50’s style rock and roll of Billy the Biker to the dramatic Spanish countryside influence of Elena Maria, every listener is sure to discover a number of favorites. Perhaps yours will be Jack’s Jazz, a Joan Miro inspired piece in which Jack plays the melody and then morphs it with syncopated rhythms. Perhaps it will be Israfel, a song Jack channeled directly onto the master during the recording session as a gift from the angelic hierarchy orchestra. Or, perhaps it will be Windex for Wesley, a song written to reflect the uninhibited and freewheeling gay sexual mores of the late 70s and early 80s.

A few Reviews of Ageless Music.

John Mayall – Bluesbreakers
I can see tracks #5 John’s Goin On and #8 Song to Last Forever being used for movie or TV soundtracks. I enjoyed the music, keep playing!

Patricia Burke-Beyond Mind Healing Center
I found your piano pieces to be quite lovely. A nice mix of emotion and deep stillness.

Rob Schlegel-Las Vegas Bugle March 1998
Jack plays a blend of music ranging from acoustic contemporary to new age to jazz, but like the title of his CD his music is truly ageless.

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