The New Smash “Dolla” By Reeno with Jack Schell Hits The Airwaves!

The New Smash “Dolla” By Reeno with Jack Schell Hits The Airwaves!

The RaMOANa experience on will be debuting Dolla by Reeno featuring Jack Schell on Piano this Thursday

The Show Airs Live Thursday 5-8:30 PM Pacific 8-11:30 Eastern and re-aired on Tuesday 2-5:30 PM Eastern and 7-10:30 PM GMT you can also listen on i tunes radio under the eclectic channels.

RaMOANa has aired/debuted Jack Schell Tracks before like Air Taxi on her smash show the RaMOANa Experience which usually goes heavy on the Bowie and the like. Here’s what LG73 says about RaMOANa:

RaMOANa plays great music from David Bowie
and other cool artists. Listen carefully and occasionally you’ll hear RaMOANa singing along. RaMOANa has excellent taste in music.

Now relive the experience Tuesdays 11:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. as a special recording of the previous Thursday’s live show is broadcast especially for overseas listeners.

It’s An Honor to have Dolla in the Mix! Tell All Your Friends to come enjoy the show!

Reeno can be reached and friended here and Jack is here and RaMOANa is here

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