The Gay Wedding Song Released by Jack Schell, the SoundWeaver

The Gay Wedding Song Cover art by William Landers

July 18, 2008
For Immediate Release: The Gay Wedding Song Released by Jack Schell, the SoundWeaver

In support of California’s landmark decision for marriage equality for same sex couples, Jack Schell (theSoundWeaver) is releasing his Wedding Song as the Gay Wedding Song.
The Single will be available August 2008 on itunes, Rhapsody; as well as Napster,, and the like.

Jack enlisted the help of Northwest artist/rock photographer William Landers for the classic cover art suitable for framing!

Jack says about his solo piano song, “I was overjoyed when California decided to stand up for marriage equality. Finally my Wedding song that had graced many traditional weddings (including my mothers) would have the same chance to spread love at gay weddings in a state I hold dear to my heart.
I look forward to the day all of America is free and equal for those in love to marry and be counted as equals.”
Preview the song at or


With the recent legalization of gay marriage in California, the timing is perfect for the release of Jack Schell’s “Gay Wedding Song”. The beauty in his music reflects the beauty of America’s growing acceptance of love, no matter the gender.

Kimmi, SoupyGato Show/CD reviews

“Simply beautiful…. I was honored to have this wonderful piece of music a part of the recent ceremony I performed.”
~ Rev. Daniel j Harris
Host of The SoupyGato Show, (G.L.B.T. Showcase 85a, 85b, 85c, 85d)

“I was given the privilege to use The Wedding Song for my wedding.
Gay or straight this was the perfect selection. This song allowed for
perfect timing as each of my attendants came down the isle.
Every time I hear this song it brings back wonderful memories, as I know it will for years to come.” Thanks again Jack.
Best Wishes, Mrs. Chris Chapman

Gay Wedding Song….

What a truly beautiful piece of music! It’s a great song for a wedding or anytime. When I listen to it I feel total peace and happiness. It seems like Jack’s fingers glide across the keys like they are made of butter. And like Mr. Schell, I am so happy about the legalization of gay marriages in CA. I hope all of the other states follow suit and do the same thing. I think it’s wonderful!
Keep the tunes coming Jack. You are an incredible composer and performer.
Diane Zielinski

Jack Schell has an almost magical way of bringing emotion and tenderness to life in his music. “The Wedding Song”, a prime example, has more than the stately command of a wedding song; you cannot help but feel the music, which makes this song such a masterpiece. Bravo!

StoneWall Society

A Memorable Song for Us *****

By Henry Catenacci

Talented Composer Jack Schell gives gay couples a beautiful romantic piano solo to remember their wedding day. In its own soft lyrical way, it is a song with a powerful statement, reminding everyone that this is all about love. Well done.

“Musical Art Pieces To Rejuvenate Your Soul”
C P 2008 Merkaba Publishing, INC.
For more information contact Jack at

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