Jack Schell’s “Blue Aura”. . .

Jack Schell brings us Blue Aura from the Top of Lake Tahoe.

These songs were written with self healing and balancing in mind. “I was trying out some of the new age tools I learned in San Diego and applied them to music,” says Jack.

Some songs invoke the relaxing effects of vast space, while others are a reminder to breathe! From Tahoe Drums, where the ancient native winds blew rhythms carrying energy and knowledge that had flowed there for centuries, to the vast spaces conjured in the title track and Room To Fly (a meditation favorite), this music takes you on a armchair space vacation. Sanctuary is a song for a friend that wanted to be taken “diving” when she closed her eyes and listened.

So Put on Blue Aura and take some time to travel and rejuvenate, and breath!

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