Jack Schell’s “Laguna Sweethearts”

A musician and composer with strong melodies and sense of ‘soundscaping’, Jack Schell creates what may be termed ‘musical art pieces’. Mostly instrumental, Jack’s work is similar in style to that of Moby, Dzihan & Kamien or Lemongrass.

Laguna Sweethearts is a light and fun compilation where each piece conjures a distinct image in one’s mind. Together these pieces may suggest a lazy sunny and carefree Sunday afternoon drive down the southern California coast with some very intriguing stops along the way… some quite tranquil and unobtrusive while others may make one want to dance. Take this scenic trip from a jazzy lounge with fresh fruit martinis to a Chinese restaurant with the green tea of the orient. Laguna Sweethearts will take you away … and with no security check at the airport!

Jack Schell is a composer, musician and an audio engineer. He is the owner of Merkaba Publishing, Inc. Jack’s collaborations with famed guitarist Earl Slick (currently lead guitarist for David Bowie) are used in television on ABC and ESPN sports shows such as “US Olympic Gold” and the NFL Pre-Season Special”. His compositions are also used in television and radio advertising.

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